Expertise 4itruvian   

4itruvian represents a network of professionals with expertise in various domains (ICT, military, civil, broad and elite level sports, primary, secondary, special and higher education, art and culture, scientific research, health care, agriculture and horticulture. Together, this great diversity creates a professional development community that makes transfers (Transfer of Learning) between contexts; learning areas, organisations and services visible and possible.
Transfer of Learning is a well-known phenomenon in several disciplines (Judd, 1908). The search for elements that are meaningful in multiple contexts provides space for each person's knowledge and experience to create impact in another or in a different context.
The role that the professionals of 4itruvian take on is one that suits your experience and knowledge - then the professionals with their experience and knowledge will reflect on your organization.

Transfer of Learning 

Out of your organization information is being identified that can be linked to the knowledge and experience of the professionals of 4itruvian.  
This leads to similarities and differences between experiences and knowledge within different contexts. By communicating with a generic 'language', these differences and similarities will make it possible to learn from each other. For example; how a goal-oriented approach in elite sports leads to performance? And... where does creativity come from in art? The answer to these questions can be very relevant for many organisations - to learn to be creative and efficient in their own assignment.
4itruvian guides these complex and interesting processes with the aim of increasing the impact of an organisation.  

Community building  

An important ingredient for the success of our concept lies in the dynamic power of designing a learning community, both internally and externally oriented. 
Your customer; must be able to identify itself with your information that solves the problem or question for them. This way of thinking assumes that each individual has his or her own question and need and that this can be solved and satisfied with the right information if it is easy to find and freely accessible. In order to continue this process in a meaningful way, after describing the identity, a start is made on uncovering the impact to be achieved. What is the expectation, where do we go, what do we have to realize, should be solved and why is that so?  
Our team of professionals is able to immerse themselves in your team, department or company in a short period of time with the aim of sketching a broader field of vision in addition to your specific knowledge and experience. These jointly created starting points lead to a critical reflection on the current identity and processes of your team, department or company. It is then possible to use this critical reflection to determine whether the current identity needs to be adjusted or re-created together.
Our team helps you with this, not only by making recommendations about identity, but also by actually working with you to create impact.  

Two-spirals - Difference in knowledge and experience of professionals has great value for different contexts. "Contexts have more in common than they differ"


Personal identity - everyone's knowledge or experience can make a difference for someone else!