Impact creation

Generate impact

The world in which we live is changing rapidly which calls for new strategies that enable us to look for new view points on impact creation.
The team of 4itruvian uses contemporary methods that start with defining the identity of the organization. By means of taking small iterative steps the ‘story’ of the organization becomes clear; for example by using the communication model of Frank Dance (1969), story telling and other forms of work, while dissecting the issues, they are already working on the future strategy.  
The 4i-model starts with listening and asking questions, after which specific suggestions and inspiration sessions can lead to new insights. In the process of impactful communication and processes, we will first work out two steps for you; an inspiration session on our philosophy and vision, and then our team will propose a solution to a problem or opportunity for you as a 'prototype'. If you are interested in our suggestions, and our possible contribution to your objectives and solutions, we’ll drawn up a plan for you. A tailor-made approach for your organization, in order to increase the impact drawn up in advance. The reflection and embedding of the entire process will take place through our 4i-model. 
One of the options we offer you is to communicate information in an inspiring and impactful way by constructing an online tool.
In close cooperation with you and with the ICT professionals within our team (co-creation), the ordered information will be made visible worldwide, but of course a closed portal for your company is also possible. In this way, information for your target group can be inspiration or a solution to a problem; the impact you want!  

The operating mechanism - 4i model.

Iterations - working with small steps towards a goal.