A human-centred approach - Philosophy 4itruvian  

4itruvian is, as the name suggests, inspired by the 'Vitruvian man', drawn by Leonardo da Vinci (1490 ad). The Vitruvian man can be seen as a symbol for humanismism. 
Within our phenomenological and human-centered vision - respecting and appreciating people and their different expertises, experiences and substantiated opinions is central. Our 4i communication concept has been developed based on these principles.
Each individual has his or her unique background, environment, upbringing, knowledge and experiences, ideas and beliefs about how processes should proceed. No matter how we turn it around, if we don't let go of our own vision and look wider, we miss the beliefs - knowledge and experience of others. Precisely these beliefs can be an enrichment on several levels, both on a personal and/or professional level. The phenomenology offers a great angle to learn what others 'see' with their 'eyes' and why they act the way they do in respect to others.
More specific, within a company there can be different views on which course to take. By looking at each other's points of view and realizing yourself that you are part of the overall picture, processes can be optimized and an environment is created that inspires.  

The art of organizing information  

Within organizations there is a lot of specific knowledge and experience. This specificity is important, crucial even, when it comes to the daily implementation of processes. However, in order to determine vision and direction, a broad and generic view outside one's own context is important. Does the existing information within your organization lead to the right choices? And is this related to your identity? 
Your identity and ideas are the starting point for us to look 'outside' together. What else is 'for sale' in the world to shape your direction and processes. Our toolbox, such as design sessions, master classes, working visits and inspiration sessions are part of our strategy to help you create impact. Here you will recognise the transcendent nature of our approach. Learn from someone else!  
Our approach is based on the idea that complex information issues can be simplified by organizing information in abstraction and putting it back together specifically for you. The question we will ask you repeatedly is "who are you?" and "what is your goal?". 

Information processing - organizing knowledge and experience.